Hosting with Maintenance

Your site’s availability and security in expert hands.

Protection against attackers

Our plans allow you to forget about hackers, malware, spam, and potential damage to your reputation with Google. We look after the integrity of your site and your information.

We look after your site's health

We take care of keeping your site in optimal condition to ensure its operation. You will be always in control through our periodic reports

Simple and affordable prices

We offer you different plans to select the one that best suits your needs and budget. No hidden charges or extra expenses.

Hosting & Maintenance Packages

* Prices are final – no hidden fees.

** With your annual purchase, you get a discount equivalent to one free month of service.

A reliable hosting and maintenance service that is an investment in your peace of mind.

Our hosting and maintenance plans look after the integrity of your site, your transactions, and your customers’ information. Any website can be targeted by hackers, spammers, malware, and others.
Taking precautions from the planning is the best option to avoid unpleasant experiences as much as possible.

Additional Services

Domain Registration

  • Assistance in the process of purchasing and renewing domains.
  • The cost of domains is variable and is not included in hosting packages.

SSL certificates

  • Assistance in the purchase, renewal, and configuration process.
  • Cost does not include the value of the Certificate.

Hosting Transfer

  • Assistance in the process of moving and reconfiguration hosting to our servers.
  • Service subject to compatibility study.


  • External Hosting service configuration.
  • Site security and infrastructure.

Service’s FAQs

What exactly is 'Hosting'?

Hosting is a necessary service to have a website online. Your page is ‘hosted’ on servers that allow clients anywhere to access it. Hosting is an indispensable requirement to have a website.

What does the Hosting & Maintenance & Service include?

Our Maintenance is the plan that guarantees you not to worry about anything referring to the security, access, and operation of your website.

We periodically review updates, backups, and security. All of this is necessary to protect your site, your information, and that of your customers.

Maintenance also includes working hours to update your contents or make modifications to your page according to the type of Plan you hire.

A website without a plan to ensure its safety sooner or later will give problems. It’s that simple.

What other benefits does Maintenance include?

We will send you reports indicating all the actions we have taken month by month, which include:

  • Elimination of vulnerabilities (open doors).
  • Malware cleanup.
  • Code review.
  • Updates.
  • Optimizations.
  • Health status of your site.
  • Speed.

You will also have access to certain amounts of time for us to help you with changes or updates to your site and a preferential hourly rate, in case you need something more complex.

What do you mean by 'Security'?

Imagine hosting as a ‘piece of land’ and your website as your ‘home’. Sometimes someone leaves a door or window open unnoticedly.

Sometimes there are people who knock on all the doors and windows to see which one is not locked and will get into your house.

With our Maintenance Plan, if someone manages to get into your ‘house’, they have to be extraordinary. We take this incredibly seriously and have specialized.

Still, we are honest: nothing is foolproof. Should it ever happen, we guarantee that we will resolve the matter and have your site up and running again in a matter of hours. As if nothing ever happened.

Can I choose to pay only for hosting and not maintenance?

Our goal is to be able to offer a comprehensive tool that allows you to not worry about anything. That said, Hosting and Maintenance are a joint package and we don’t offer the services separately. Here’s why:

Your site is going to require optimizations to function properly and stay within Google’s SEO requirements.

You will need to give maintenance and updates to your plugins and WordPress themes. If you don’t, you’re at a higher risk of hacker attacks. This is crucial to your safety.

You also need to have backups of your site. If something goes wrong, you will want to have your content somewhere where you can get it back and not damage your reputation on Google.

And, most importantly: you will have the peace of mind of having our team as your trusted people looking after your site. Ready to help you with any detail whenever you need us.

Remember that we work according to our values and we want to fulfill our promise to give you a service that allows you to grow.

What is a 'Domain' and how do you use it?

The domain is your unique address on the internet; it’s the same one you type in your browser to enter on a page.

Each domain varies in price according to different factors, such as how long or short it is, the words it contains, how much diffusion these words have, and the type of termination it has (for example .com or .NET). Domains have to be purchased in order to be used.

If you don’t have a domain, we can help you purchase it. It’s important to know that domains are purchased for a year, two years, or longer and you should continue renewing before the period expires.

If you don’t renew, you are at risk of losing access to the domain and someone else could buy it. Our plans remind you about renewal periods, so you don’t have to worry about that.

What is an 'SSL Certificate' and what do you use it for?

The SSL certificate is a way to verify the identity of your website. It offers an encryption protocol that ensures greater security in the data that is transmitted from and entered into a website.

In short, the certificate gives you a guarantee of security when you browse a site. Above all, it is essential to carry out payment transactions, downloads, or subscriptions that require you to enter your data.

You can confirm that a site is Secure by the ‘padlock’ icon in its URL and by the protocol appearing as HTTPS

(where the S stands for ‘secure’ or ‘secure’).

SSL Certificates are purchased for periods of time of a certain number of years and also require renewal.

What if they attack my site?

If your site gets compromised in any way while you are part of the plan, we will immediately take care of leaving everything as if nothing had happened, at no cost.

What if I want to host my site with another service?

There is no problem; we build the site and deliver it to you as a file for you to install on your servers. If you need help with the installation, we can give you the service at an additional cost.

What if I want to host my site with another service?

There is no problem! We can build the site and deliver it to you as a file for you to install on your servers. If you need help with installation, we can give you the service at an additional cost.

I already have a site and I want to use your hosting and maintenance service

Of course! Get in touch and we will do the compatibility study to make the transfer to our services. It will be a pleasure to Host your site.

Can I opt for a Maintenance Plan if I have my site on another Hosting service?

Unfortunately, we do not offer maintenance if your site is not hosted with us.

We are interested in fulfilling what we promised and we can only do that if we have access to the whole process. If you are interested, we can help you move to our Hosting service so you can have access to our Maintenance.