Here are the answers to the most common questions we receive.

So, what do you do?

We are a small company focused on offering Web Development, Hosting and Digital Services that aim to boost businesses or brands in digital environments throught graphic design, written content, translations, and project and business consulting.

How much does a website cost?

Each project has different needs. Generalizing can be harmful to customers and that is why we offer quote-based prices.

If your small business only needs a one-page website with basic information, it’s unfair to charge what would apply to a business that needs 5 pages or 10.

Our prices start at $300 I.V.A.i and we can offer financing.

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Do you have an hourly rate?

Generally, we handle a project fee as hourly rates are much higher. However, we are flexible to the needs of our customers and can adjust.

Customers affiliated to our Hosting and Maintenance Plan have a preferential hourly rate if needed.

What is your work process like?

We start by knowing your ideas and needs. We try to make this a logical and efficient process aimed to save you time and money.

Once we both understand each other, we start the work process. We will present mock up designs for your review and approval.

Once you give the go-ahead, we develop them and make it available to the public.

How long does it take to deliver a website?

Each project is different; However, we try to stay at reasonable time standards based on the complexity of the sites.

Generally, if there are no delays with the information we need to receive from you, we deliver a site of 5 to 10 pages in about 30 business days tops.

Do you offer "all inclusive" packages? I don't feel very comfortable with technology and I don't want to worry about anything.

We understand that time is a valuable resource and we want you to invest it in your business instead of worrying about more things. Our purpose is not to disappear after finishing a job; we want to be your long-term allies.

If you need help with the whole process, just let us know and we will create a special package that fits your need and gives you the results you are looking for, at a fair price.

Can you make a special package for my needs?

Of course! Please call us or send us a message and we will gladly make a special package according to your specifications.

What is the Hosting & Maintenance Plan?

The Hosting and Maintenance Plan is a monthly subscription in which we give you the support you need to completely care about your website. It’s like having your own technician at home!

We take care of keeping your site online and safe from any virtual evil forces that want to damage it; always optimized, monitored and backed up.

You will receive periodic reports with everything that is done and you will have access to discount rates on our services, as well as free time from us to help you with any quick fix you need.

The information page is in development at the moment, but we will be happy to give you information if you fill out the form on this link:

View Hosting and Maintenance Plans

I already have a website. How can I get you guys to give y site maintenance?

In order to offer you the service without any setbacks, it is necessary that you Host your website with us.

We will gladly do the compatibility study and help you migrate from your current hosting service to ours. We’ll be happy to have you with us.

Contact us to start the transfer compatibility review process.

What payment methods do you use?

We offer you the possibility to make bank transfer, SINPE (Costa Rica), and PayPal.

Can I finance my website?

Getting started is the hardest part and there’s not always budget for everything. We believe in helping each other.

If you need financing, we invite you to get in touch. We offer plans starting at manageable monthly fees.

We want to see your business take off 🙂


And...are cats really a part of the team?

Kikiand Mandyare a fundamental part of our team.

They are multidisciplinary staff highly specialized in:

  • Relaxation techniques (low-frequency rumrial sonotherapy and paw therapeutic massage)
  • Occupational Health Assistants (making sure we meet all meal schedules at the times required for such purposes)
  • Organization of sporting events (hours of play are not spared)

Their tireless collaboration allows us to stay motivated and relaxed; )