About us

We are your star team and we want you to meet us.

Where Do We Come From

Starting a business takes a lot of effort. We are entrepreneurs and we understand it at 100%. That’s why our main goal is to help those who choose to take the entrepreneurial road as well.

A website is a critical tool today to make a business take off.

In our team we share a perspective: solidarity benefits us all.

Our Mission

We want to make a difference in our global community, giving small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to access the digital economy through the highest quality technology service, at a fair price.


Our Values



The benefit of one, is the benefit of all.



Doing things right for the pure satisfaction of doing things right.



Empathetic and attentive dialogue is our way of communicating.



We don’t promise anything we can’t deliver.

Our Vision

We want to be your strategic allies

We want to be the strategic partners of local entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to have access to a website, and to a reliable and true quality technical and digital advice that allows them to enhance their businesses and communities.

We are Your Team

We are a small company, with very high standards.

Melania Castrillo

Melania Castrillo

Design and Planning

Web and graphic designer, lover of pasta and a good read, with an important fondness for legos and bookbinding.
Kiki & Mandy

Kiki & Mandy

Management AND Inhuman Resources

Graduated with honors in supervision of homo sapiens. Both enjoy hunting and gardening their nepeta cataria.

Norman Valerio

Norman Valerio

Development and networks

Network and systems engineer, passionate about robotics. Incapable of saying no to a pizza as long as it doesn’t have pineapple.

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